Many Features Are Important For Good Trading And Rediplus Is One Of The Most Important

When you are trading for your own account, one of the most important advantages is the ability to trade quickly, efficiently and correctly; using a trading platform such as Rediplus will assure you of this. Whether you are in the process of deciding on a broker as a new trader, or are considering switching brokers, the trading platform used should be one of your first criteria.

Once that is assured, you can start to think about other features you want to make sure you can use with this broker, such as time and sale, tick by tick trading, instant portfolio reporting and a quoting system that lets you see all of the information on any number of stocks.

These kinds of high tech services are exciting recent innovations that are being offered, but at the base of it, you also want to make sure that your prime broker currently has all of the proper fundamentals in place. They should be able to service accounts of any size, since you may be starting out small with them and then move more activity to them once you feel comfortable. In this quick paced environment, a top notch execution team is critical to the success of your portfolio, so make sure you broker has a superb back office staff behind him. Another important feature that any good broker should be able to offer is direct access to all three big exchanges, Amex, NYSE and Nasdaq; a Rediplus trading platform will automatically do this.

The next important feature to watch for when choosing a broker is that you can take advantage of dealing in options and futures if you decide to. Even if you currently only trade equities and bonds, you may want to expand your trading choices to include options and futures. You will also want to make sure you can use margining in your brokerage firm; once again, even if this is a feature you are not currently interested in, the day may come when you need it. Don't assume that your trading habits, philosophy, the scope of your portfolio, etc., will remain stagnant; you have to be prepared for change and growth, both in your portfolio and in the level of your future knowledge, expertise and comfort.

If a broker is able to offer all of these features, you are finally ready to look at that all important issue, pricing. A brokerage account is useless if a great deal of your profits are eaten away by fees, and if you do a lot of in and out or day trading, you want to make sure that your prime broker offers services are competitively priced and that you are guaranteed low brokerage commissions.

More details can be found on rediplus or prime broker.

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