How To Look Good On The Piste This Season

It involves a lot of careful planning. Try to consider your arrival on the ski slopes as one big photo opportunity, and then execute the planning with all the detail of a military campaign. Let's face it, there are no second chances, and you can take no prisoners.

After all, you never know who you might run into - or ski into - as you sashay down the slalom runs at Innsbruck or Saint Moritz. For the ladies, you'll undoubtedly prefer the Naomi Campbell look to the Nora Batty look. Guys - think more George Clooney than Christopher Biggins.

Firstly - It's all about arrival. Best not to be seen debarking from a cheap flight at some ramshackle, overcrowded hellhole of an airport in the middle of nowhere . Remember, first impressions count, and yours will be Clouseau-like if you come walking out of a tin shack on the tarmac carrying eighty different bits of mismatched luggage as you look vainly for the airport bus. Rule number 1 ; co-ordinate your clutter, and never ever carry your own luggage .

Rule 2 : upgrade your gear as much as possible, from skis to scarves. Even if you are the new Eddie (or Edith) Edwards of the piste , the very idea of smart, top of the range equipment will still give you an air of bogus credibility. You may not be able to slalom, but you should still manage a half decent swagger in your new designer togs.

Après ski, the more image conscious skiers should beware what they drink. George, Brad or Angelina are unlikely to give you that furtive, approving look if you are necking local lager out of what looks like a flower vase. No, please , no… try sipping Dubonnet or Johnnie Walker. Seriously , do we have to tell you everything?

Of course, the above is all written in jest, and let's face it - you could be dressed in a black bin bag and you'd still have a good time - and that's the main thing to remember, ski holidays are all about having fun!


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