Does "Premenopause" Exist? Yes! And It's Called Peri Menopause

A woman's body is truly a miracle. As a woman, you are able to hold a brand-new human life inside of you and nurture that life as it matures, enters the world, and matures from infancy to maturity. To complete this extraordinary task, the female body offers the most intricate reproductive system on the planet. All through her life, a woman's remarkable reproductive system undergoes many changes or stages.

While your body makes the change from your reproductive years to menopause, you'll see some subtle or not so subtle changes in your health, as well as some noticeable signs that menopause is on its way. The casual name for the period prior to menopause is "premenopause," however, scientifically speaking, the precise term is peri menopause or perimenopause. The prefix "peri" means "around," "about," or "near," which is appropriately descriptive of the events connected with premenopause.

Peri menopause or premenopause happens anywhere from two to ten years prior to menopause, plus one year following your last period. The symptoms of peri menopause are caused by changing hormone levels in your body. Predominantly, your reproductive hormones of estrogen and progesterone are rising and falling at an uneven rate throughout premenopause, triggering longer or shorter menstrual cycles and quite possibly skipped periods. Symptoms of peri menopause are extensive and could include: ⢠Hot Flashes ⢠Insomnia (with or without night sweats) ⢠Fatigue ⢠Menstrual Irregularity ⢠Decreased Sex Drive ⢠Brain Fog/difficulty concentrating ⢠Emotional changes-- Irritability, Anxiety, Depression ⢠Mood Swings & Crying spells ⢠Hair loss/thinning ⢠Skin and nail changes ⢠Urinary infections and urinary urgency

Premenopause or peri menopause is a completely normal progression as your body prepares for a brand-new period of your life. In order to ease the symptoms of peri menopause, many women focus on making healthy lifestyle choices as a natural alternative to likely harmful more traditional treatment programs. These alternatives incorporate staying with a healthy and balanced diet, getting regular physical exercise, staying at a healthy weight, taking natural supplements to help relieve menopausal symptoms, meditation and yoga for stress, drinking plenty of water, and also quitting smoking.

While each woman's reproductive system is extraordinary , you are not defined by your reproductive system alone or menopause for that matter. Youth-obsessed Western society often devalues a woman that is perceived as being past her prime and encourages her to conceal or deny her age. This could not be further from the worldview. Within other cultures around the world, a young woman may be lovely, endearing in a way, perhaps full of potential, however authentic beauty develops when a woman has lived and developed her character. When her face and bearing mirror the wisdom and compassion attained by experience, a woman radiates the strength of the feminine. Surprisingly to Westerners, studies have shown that the midlife transition is eagerly anticipated and creates far fewer symptoms in societies where women gain higher social worth after menopause.

As women in mid-life today, we are privileged to be at a different point in our lives than the generations that came before us. We've never been in a better place or at a more fitting time to choose for ourselves, to make positive changes in our lives. My hope is that this gives you an unique point of view, a fresh way of thinking about your menopause experience, midlife, and also your value to society. Discard expectations and disruptive behaviors that hinder your growth or limit you. Support your inherent strength and goodness. Begin by being good to yourself. At this wonderful time in our lives we each have the power to choose what the years ahead will look like. Begin today, take a few little steps, be bold - make the necessary changes that will allow you to take control of your life and your menopause experience. This can absolutely be the richest time of your life!

Valerie Martinez is a nutritional health consultant who is dedicated to helping women learn how to achieve relief from their menopausal symptoms naturally and safely vs. the outdated traditional approach of HRT (hormone replacement therapy). To learn more about effective, SAFE, all-natural menopause symptom relief, visit our website at and pick up your FREE Report.

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