A Cheetah-rific Girls Party With Super Fun Party Games To Party All Night Long

Celebrating a birthday or other occasion calls for a fun theme everyone can get into. For a Cheetahs Girls fan, no better theme is a Cheetah Girls theme with Cheetah Girls Party Supplies and Invitations keep the party fun constant with party games and activities all party long.

Bubble Gum Tag: This game is a fun game that is played using really large shirts for each player along with oven gloves and a container of bubble gum. Each player runs to the table with the items laid on it and puts on the extra large shirt, oven gloves, and reaches into the bowl and grabs a piece of gum. With the oven gloves on, they must unwrap the gum, chew it, and then blow a big bubble.Each player must keep the oven gloves on pick up gum unwrap it and then blow a large bubble with the gum. After the player blows a bubble, they take off the over gloves, then the extra large shirt and then tag their teammate and they do the same thing. The winning team is the first team to complete the game.

Cheetah Tails. Cheetah tails is played by cutting off pieces of long felt and making cheetah tails. Once the cheetah tails are made, ensure all players have one, the players place the cheetah tails in the back of their pants. The object of the game is to grab the cheetah tail from the other players while protecting own cheetah tails. Create a safe zone for players to catch their breath but they can only remain in the safe zone for a brief time before being force to leave the area. The player with the last remaining tail is the winner.

Dabbling for Bananas: This fun filled game is played and organized just like bobbling for apples. Cut out a few bananas or various sizes and place them in a large container filled with milk. On go, the player must and try to grab the bananas pieces with their mouth and place the slices next to the container. Give each player a minute or so to grab as many slices as possible. The winner is the person that gets the most banana pieces.

Cheetah Girls Party Supplies and Invitations can easily be transformed into a Cheetah Girls sleep over with even more fun and games.

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