1 KW Wind Turbine: Is It More Than You Need?

With the myriad choices out there for wind turbine products these days, it is amazing anyone can make a decision on what to buy. The 1 kW wind turbine is by far the most popular though for home use and a great place to start.It goes without saying I think that one kilowatt equals 1000 Watts, but that's not a bad place to start in this discussion.

While 1000 W is a lot of power and more than any individual device round your house is likely have need for, that number does not mean a lot and once you understand how the manufacturer came up with it.The real question is, what does a 1 kW wind turbine actually produce in terms of energy for your home?

The way manufacturers calculate their ratings is by measuring the output of the wind device at a certain wind speed-usually a lot faster than what most people's average will be. Therefore, 1 kW wind turbine may not make them enough of power that you need if you pay attention only to the rating. If your average wind for example is 7 mph then it doesn't do you a lot of good to have a 1 kW wind turbine that requires you to have a 28 mile an hour wind order to achieve that power rating.

How much energy do you really need though?

This is a very important question that you need to deal with to make any sense out of the power that your wind turbine is capable of making. There are many devices around your house that you can likely in reasonably expect to power with an intermittent device like 1 kW wind turbine. The important thing is to understand those devices and what their requirements are over time. For example, you may be able to get away with a 300 Watt or 400 Watt wind turbine kit for something small like a freezer or refrigerator, or even a small pump. However, if you're trying to power your entire house you may need an array of 3 -4, 1 kW wind turbine devices to make that happen.

Summarizing - the 1 kW wind turbine may be the perfect solution for you but you need to size up your options first through some careful analysis. Everything is not exactly as it seems in the wind turbine world. Just because a manufacture puts one kilowatt on their product does not mean that that is what the amount of energy it will produce for you. So, pay less attention to the rating. Instead, focus your attention on what amount of power you can derive from the wind around you. In other words, look at your average wind and then look back into what exactly how much you will be able to produce with any given wind turbine with that type of average wind. The manufacturer should be able to give this data to you readily. If they can't, then this is not a manufacturer that you need to be considering buying from.

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