Your Personal Wind Power Station: 3 Key Things To Know

The wind power station is the modern evolution of the ancient windmill, mostly applied to the home market. People all over the world are buying into the philosophy of making their own electricity and home wind turbines are the easiest way to start doing that.With the worldwide increases in power costs, it is becoming pretty obvious that we all are going to have to take matters into our own hands if we are always going to have electricity we can afford for our homes.

International politics is driving the cost of traditionally supplied energy now and prices of our finite fossil fuels are going to continue to go up.So, to get your personal wind turbine right you have to accurately evaluate where you are now.

There are 3 things that you should study to get to the bottom of how to make the most juice with your personal wind power station…

The wind at your house is very different than what others have - You may not be familiar with the concept of the microclimate. But, it means that wind conditions around your house are very different. Knowing that concept instructs you to strive to understand the importance of checking out the wind conditions exactly where you plan to place your domestic wind turbine. This is by far the most important task that you have on your agenda before you buy a device like this.

The average wind speed as well as the direction and intensity will differ greatly from one location to another even within the same geographic area. On your property it is likely that the roof wind will behave very differently than the wind 20 feet above the roof. The friction caused by obstacles like buildings and trees close to the ground will greatly impact the strength of the wind at any one location, but that is impossible to accurately predict. So, you don't have to have all the answers but you do need to get them through data collection.

Where you locate your turbine kit is critical - It is very important to accurately place your windmill device at just the right spot. This is not only because the microclimate is different and you need to optimize for that, but also you need to place the wind turbine in an area where it is not distracting to others and likely to draw negative attention from the community.

The rebates that might be available can completely fund your home wind turbine - Because of the national attention being paid now to renewable energy devices of all types, there is a lot of public and private money available to help you get started and buy your wind turbine at a reduced price. For example, there is a 30% federal income tax credit for anyone installing a renewable energy device at their home. Be looking for other similar credits from your state, city, and also from the manufacturers that make these devices.

In the final analysis, your personal wind power station can be just the key to liberating you from the bonds of your local utility and their ever-rising electricity prices. Only by examining your specific conditions at your house can you make the most of the advantages you have.

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