Why Plumbers In New Orleans Were Vital In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina

In the history of the United States, one of the most tragic natural disasters to take place in the nation was hurricane Katrina, a storm that gave the New Orleans plumbing experts a challenge unlike anything they had encountered before. It is not a secret that the "Big Easy" had always had some significant issues with its drain systems, but all the measures taken to solve those issues were no match for the threatening water levels the city had to contend with on that fateful evening in 2005.

The city of New Orleans has the hard luck of being developed across a region that sits anywhere from two to ten feet below sea level, leaving the entire city at risk for flooding. Due to how far it is below sea level, proper drainage was not easy to come by and required the hard work of many individuals for many years to construct a drainage system that was capable of removing water from the city. This clever drain system would take water into tunnels buried beneath the streets and pump it out the other end with a number of enormous, powerful hydro pumps, and in the year that hurricane Katrina hit, the city had one hundred and forty-eight pumps online.

Thanks to the drainage system, a wall of high levees, and many other precautionary systems, there was little risk of the city ever having to deal with a bad flood, but Katrina made it a point to change that. The hurricane didn't cause any direct damage to the city, since it veered to the East and hit Mississippi, but its rains did fill Lake Pontchartrain to the point that it broke the levees and started pouring into the city.

By the time the storm subsided, more than eighty percent of New Orleans was completely flooded, there was massive property damage, and nearly fifteen hundred people lost their lives. The drainage pumps were not working, so there was no way to remove all the water from the streets right away; the contaminated water remained and was harmful to everyone in the area.

The water did not remain for long, however, because the finest plumbers in New Orleans were brought in to get the drainage system back online and the water back in the lake where it belonged. A lot of people worked really hard for a really long time to get the city back to its former self, and if you look at it now, you would likely find it hard to believe that this fantastic city ever went under in the first place.

It is very difficult time if you are in need of a good New Orleans plumbing to acquire services from plumbers in New Orleans.

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