What To Do When Your Laptop Won't Boot Up

There are few things as stressful as a laptop that just one day decides it doesn't feel like starting up anymore. Before panic sets in, think about a possible cause for the laptop not booting. Determining whether the issue is hardware or software related is the first step. Paying attention to the sounds the computer makes troubleshooting easier and makes it possible to find the reason the laptop won't boot.

Clicking Sounds

Try to remember if the laptop emitted clicking sounds before it died. If there was a clicking sound, there is the possibility that the hard drive has gone bad. One way to check this involves booting to the operating system installation disk. Each operating system is different, but they all have a diagnostic tool for checking and repairing hard drives. Run the disk utility or hardware diagnostics to rule out a hard drive failure. If the hard drive has failed, then the only option available is to try to back up as much information as possible to an external drive and buy a new hard drive for the computer.

Ram Defects

Another hardware related problem involves checking the computer RAM. These modules are small rectangular chips that sit inside your computer. With some laptops, the RAM sometimes comes unseated. By opening up the computer, and gently removing and replacing the RAM it is possible to make sure that the modules are seated properly. To remove the RAM modules, open up the casing, and push out on the two metal braces that hold the RAM in place on either side. Then with your middle finger, pull up on the module. After removing the module, reseat it and push the module back down to secure it. If this doesn't solve the problem, run another diagnostic test to make sure that the RAM is in good condition.

Power Button

Sometimes the power button has become damaged. If this happens then the computer won't do anything when you push the power button. To correct this issue, the best option is to take it to a repair shop. Power buttons are tricky and may need some soldering to fix. Another possible reason for the power button not working is a motherboard issue. A broken motherboard is the worst case scenario as a motherboard is quite expensive. Taking the computer to a qualified technician is the only real way to know if the motherboard needs replacing. Think about whether you spilled any water on the computer keyboard. If water was spilled a fried motherboard may be the culprit.

Software Problems

If the problem is software related, then the possibility of fixing the problem greatly improves. Most computers with software problems will start partially and then hang. Of course, this is not always the case, and that could indicate a bad sector on the hard drive. However, if the hardware issues are out, the possibility of a software issue becomes more likely. Insert your operating system installation disk and run a repair install on the corrupted volume. In most cases, this process solves most software issues.

Bios Update

Sometimes a Bios update solves the problem of a computer not booting. Download the latest Bios for your computer, burn it to a CD, place it in your disk drive and boot to the CD-Rom to run flash the Bios. This process ensures that the computer has the latest firmware upgrades. If the computer still doesn't work after extensive troubleshooting, it is time to call in a professional to help diagnose and repair your computer. Sometimes without the proper tools no amount of troubleshooting can fix the problem.

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