VAWT Wind Turbine: What Are The 3 Biggest Pros?

VAWT wind turbine or "vertical axis wind turbine" technology is entering the renewals marketplace by storm. That is because they can be productive when placed on roofs.Roofs are where the future of this marketing of renewables is going. And there is a lot more real estate available on roofs than there is almost anywhere else. Tapping the urban market will prove a huge boon for this industry as well. There are just so many green-leaning people living in cities that would like to employ wind turbine technology if it were easy and acceptable by the community.

The VAWT wind turbine has a number of inherent advantages that make it a perfect fit for the urban roof.

These are the 3 main pros that the VAWT wind turbine has over its chief competitors:

Best performance when there is turbulence - roofs are truly a mess when it comes to turbulent wind. All the angles and deflections cause the wind that is strong and steady when it hits it to go in all different directions and makes it quite chaotic. The VAWT wind turbine is really designed with this type of wind environment in mind. Because it has no tail section to direct it into the most prevailing wind, it performs exceptionally well in a chaotic wind ecosystem.

Smaller footprint - because the blade system is usually housed in a cage type structure, this type of wind turbine does not have the overhang that a horizontal axis wind turbine will have. It does not have a tail section either, nor does it have a vertical path for the rotors which cuts down a lot on the amount of space it takes up. This also is a great reason that these devices work better than horizontal devices.

Aesthetics - this type of home wind turbine has been designed with the urban dweller in mind. They are very aesthetically pleasing devices that by and large look more ornamental than they like a functioning piece of equipment that would make power. So, consequently they receive a lot less negative feedback from the community at large because there just simply are not noticed as much.It has even been said that these devices have a hypnotic affecting people like watching them much like they enjoy watching a babbling brook. This bent on technology will make tremendous strides towards the acceptance of vertical wind turbines in urban and rural communities as well.

To sum it all up, the VAWT wind turbine is a strong choice for anyone looking for a nicer looking wind power generating device that doesn't have the look of a classic wind turbine.

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