Unorthodox Ways To Make Money

While there are plenty of normal ways to make money like working a job or having a garage sale, many consumers are looking for unorthodox ways to earn an income. When times are tough, sometimes people have to get creative to find ways to generate money. Some of these strategies can work for anyone, regardless of background or experience.

Selling Liquidated Items Online

One strange way to make extra money is to sell liquidated items online. Many large retailers take returns from customers but they don't want to go through the process of checking out the items and reselling them. Because of this, they outsource this process to liquidation firms. The liquidation firms then sell these items to people who want them. Consumers can buy these goods for large discounts and then turn around and sell them online through sites like eBay. This can be an easy way for eBay sellers to find good deals on things to sell.

Rent Out Property

Another unorthodox way to make money is to rent out property. While people have been renting out real estate and other big-ticket items for many years, smaller items are now being rented. Many websites make it possible for users to rent out their property to other people. For example, people can rent out their barbecue grill, a specific power tool or even their dog. These sites have grown in popularity because many people do not want to invest in buying these items, but they need to use them occasionally.


In some cases, consumers can make good money coming up with referrals for businesses who need them. Many businesses have referrals programs set up and are willing to pay a set amount for each referral provided. For example, a consumer could provide referrals to a flooring salesman in return for a certain percentage of the sale or a flat fee. Those who know a lot of people can sometimes generate a lot of referrals and make extra money.

Virtual Jury

In some cases, people can get paid to sit on a virtual jury and listen to cases. Many law firms need to check to find out if their defense strategies make sense to a jury. Because of this, they are willing to pay people to sit on a virtual jury and listen to a case over the Internet. While this type of work may not pay that much, it is easy and there is a lot of work available.


In today's society, many people are willing to pay handsomely for knowledge. Those who have experience in a particular area can sometimes get paid to coach others who want to learn how to do something. Parents pay for their kids to have sports coaches, tutors and life coaches, among other things.

Sell Photos

Photographers can make decent money by selling their photos online. Those who enjoy taking pictures can upload them to stock photo sites and generate money every time they are sold. For a specific fee, these photos can be licensed for use on websites, promotional materials, books, and many other items.

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