Tips for Getting Your Home Sold

Selling a home is not easy these days. Most of us can remember back to the early 2000s when property values were increasing by double digits yearly and sometimes even monthly. Well, those days are gone-at least for the foreseeable future. Still, even in today's market, real estate is selling. People are still moving around and a good real estate agent can still get a home sold. The key is making your home one of those that gets sold.

One of the first things to do when preparing to sell your home is to find the right real estate agent. You're looking at a number of factors here. How much commission they take is always a big one. Also, what is their track record on selling comparable properties in your area? Do they really know your neighborhood? Are they available for you? Can you work with them? These are all questions you need to ask.

Once you've found the right realtor, it's time to get the home in top shape for a sale. The interior needs to be looking its very best. To accomplish this, you need to make sure to do any and all minor repairs your budget will allow. The last thing you want are glaring defects for home buyers to look at. Once your repairs are done, but a fresh coat of paint throughout the inside of the home. Make sure the color is not anything outrageous. It should be a neutral off-white color that will appeal to a wide variety of demographics.

Remove as many items from the interior as possible. The more wide open and spacious the home looks, the better. Any professional stager will tell you to keep your place free of clutter. In addition, get rid of the personal stuff. Buyers don't want to see your pictures, they want to picture themselves living in your house. Looking at your pictures could be a major distraction for them.

On the outside, you are trying to accomplish the all-important 'curb appeal.' Curb appeal is one of those things that is difficult to describe, but you know it when you see it. Still, if you keep the exterior of the home free of blemishes and keep the lawn and bushes neatly trimmed, you can go a long way toward making the outside of your home look appealing to the buyer.

One thing you can do to make your home stand out as a better deal than others in the area is offer a home warranty. For just a few hundred dollars, you can usually purchase a one year warranty on all appliances, HVAC equipment, water heater, etc. It's not much out of pocket for you, but it may be enough to give the buyer the extra peace of mind to take a chance on your home.

Don't be anywhere near the home during open houses and private showings. The buyer needs to be able to ask all the questions they need answered, and sometimes these questions and concerns can be brutally honest. If you are around, they may not feel comfortable offering criticisms and concerns about the home, and this will likely turn them off to the idea of buying it. Let your real estate agent handle the showings and open houses. This will allow buyers room to comfortably evaluate your house.

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