Third Party Attorney Straight Talk: Loading & Unloading Heavy Equipment Accidents

Third Party Attorney Straight Talk

Third Party Attorney Straight Talk is a series of articles where we give it to you straight. We give you an insiders view of Third Party Work Injury Law. Our Third Party Attorney Straight Talk articles might even tell you something you rather not accept. But it will be the truth. The unvarnished, unsweetened, unabashed truth.

Loading & Unloading Heavy Equipment Accidents, Injuries and Deaths

Workers loading bulldozers and other heavy equipment on and off flatbed trucks and trailers seems like such a common everyday task. However, loading and unloading heavy equipment results in tragic accidents, injuries and deaths. In reality, loading and unloading heavy equipment results in many injuries and deaths every year. According to statistics, loading equipment appears to result in more accidents and deaths than unloading equipment.

Types of Heavy Equipment

Bulldozers are especially dangerous to load and unload according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, scrapers, excavators, dozers, other construction equipment are involved in these injuries and deaths.

Types Of Workers Injured and Killed

All types of workers can be involved in heavy equipment loading and unloading injuries and deaths. The highest number of injuries and deaths invole heavy equipment operators. In addition, the construction laborers, truck drivers, spotters, signal workers, construction supervisors, pedestrians and members of the public are also injured and/or killed in these tragic incidents.

Types Of Accidents & Mishaps

Statistics show that the main cause of death is equipment overturns while the equipment is being driven on or off the trailer. Others are struck by moving equipment or crushed between the equipment and trailer.

The Bottom Line

Improper training, improper supervision, and improper planning account for almost all heavy equipment loading and unloading injuries and deaths. One thing is for sure. All of these injuries and deaths are preventable. A third party lawsuit can hold the responsible parties and/or persons legally liable for heavy equipment loading and unloading injuries and deaths.


This article is not legal advice. I am simplistic in order to achieve clarity. Your situation and/or case may differ from the circumstances described in this article. No two cases are ever the same. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a third party work injury - you should hire the best Third Party Attorney you can find. Finally, whenever you are bringing a court case your credibility is always at issue. Always tell the truth.

Finally, be sure to Google "Third Party Attorney Straight Talk" for more unvarnished, unsweetened articles to help you win your Third Party Work Injury case.

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