Super Exciting Barney Party Games Ideal For A Fun Filled Barney Party

If it was up to Barney we would all be friends and love each other. While the world may not be perfect this Barney theme party can be with fun party games.

Barney Team Tag: This is a great game to play that teaches the kids the basics of tag, but in a team atmosphere with Barney team tag rules. To begin, spilt the players evenly between four teams: Team Barney; Team Baby Bop; Team B.J.; and Team Riff. Tie a ribbon around the players according to the team they are so everyone is clear on the teams. For example, use a purple ribbon for Barney, green for Baby Bop, yellow for B.J., and orange for Riff. Place the four teams in the corner of the party areas. Place a table with fake dinosaur eggs in the center of the play area. The dinosaur eggs can be large or small but for the sake of this game the bigger the better. Use a couple dozen eggs on the table because the object of the game is for the teams to try and grab the eggs before getting tagged by the independent tagger. On go, one player from each team must run to the table while avoiding the tagger to get one dinosaur egg. The guest must go back to the team with the specificed egg while another person from the team tries to get another egg. The object of the game is to collect as many eggs as possible. If a player gets tagged they are out of the game and must return the egg to table. The game is over when there are either no more players, the time has run out or there are no more eggs to collect. The team with most eggs at the end of time is the winner.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt. Player like an Easter Egg Hunt, Dinosaur Egg Hunt is a fun game that requires players to search for dino eggs around the party area.

Ring Toss. Set up some Barney and friends stuffed toys to a dowel for stability on a platform. Have players throw rings around the stuffed toys. Players who can successfully throw the rings around the stuffed toys win cool Barney party favors and the stuffed toys as well.

Barney Party Supplies and Invitations are the perfect way of adding a lot of fun for a Barney theme party.

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