Studies Show That Frankincense Can Cure Cancer

Lots of people in the world suffer from various types of melanoma and for most of them this sickness proves to be the end of their existence. There are no known cures for cancers but you can find compounds that can help those that suffer to get better.

What is Frankincense?

Frankincense is an organic essential oil that is certainly extracted from the bark of a certain shrub that grows up in arid parts of the world. This oil have been used for ages to improve the aroma in houses and to respect historical gods. Present religions also praise the use of incense and Christians are extremely fond of this extract.

Studies and frankincense

Some research workers around the world are looking into the medical proprieties of frankincense oil and some of their studies seem favorable. Lab tests were conducted to see if frankincense can be used to stop the growth and development of cancer cell in various evolution stages. In addition, these tests were conducted on a number of cancer types.

In vitro tests was effective and it has revealed a true potential for frankincense use in cancer treatment. This compound was able to decrease the development of cancerous cells and a large concentration of the oil stopped the development fully.

One University carried out studies on bladder cancer cells. All these tests demonstrated that frankincense can destroy the cancerous cells without damaging the healthy tissue around the infected area. This could be the start for the development of targeted drugs. A targeted supplement is like an intelligent missile that follows only its target without hurting the surrounding places. Current melanoma treatment options are disastrous for the human body and include toxic chemical compounds and radiation. An organic extract like frankincense is a chance for cancer victims. It could conveniently eliminate the bad cellular material without second effects.

Tests are in an incipient form and until now researchers did not test the substance on living creatures. The next phase of the trials is to test frankincense on pets and if all goes well real humans well be susceptible to tests. We all know that drug development takes a lot of time and we must have patience. A lot of years may pass until a practical drug based on frankincense oil will be offered. The research made until know sounds promising and maybe sometime in the future cancer patients will not have to endure chemotherapy and other toxic treatments. Nature provides us with all the solutions but we must discover the best of them.

Edwin is a health and wellness junkie who strives to identify the truths behind healthy living. He is at present obssessed with frankinese and myrrh and consequently their health benefits. To find out more on his discoveries, check out =>

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