Speculations on the IPhone5

The next gen Apple has landed. With anticipations on the launch date the amazingly beautiful iPhone5 is the new 'apple of the eye'. Smartphone buyers have already gathered in the virtual market to grab their piece. Let's have a look on the changes that you might notice when you handle one.

Apple has finally heard its buyers call for a bigger screen. iphone5 prototype comes with very wide 4.5" screen, that flows from one edge to other, with almost zero margins left to waste. There was a constant call from buyers to size up the screen for better Smartphone experience, which has always been the USP of apple. With the 4G LTE, even HD videos seem to go live with 32mbps downloading capacity, but what crashed the entire effect was 2.3" screen in latest iPhone 4S. With this prototype apple seem to have appeased the up market buyers with much anticipated 4.5"wide screen for better experiences of movies navigation and gaming.
With screen width increased (lets hope so), Apple might work on a thinner screen, courtesy IGZO technology. This technology will make Apple iPhone thinner by about 2-3mm.

Another change that should be noticed is the extra ordinary camera in the new release. As per the rumors camera will be capable of amateur HD video capturing. With a compulsion that Apple needs to face we shall see a HDMI port this time since it does not make sense if you can not watch the videos on the TV directly. And another add-on might me the additional memory storage availability this time.

Facial recognition technique will be used to unlock the phone doing away with the screen lock slide button. The patent technology of advanced facial recognition will demand the master to give to glance simply to unlock the door. Apple is high on the technology that makes use of 40 facial points, will make it impossible to activate the phone with the help of photographs.

"Ciccaresedesign", an Italian designer company will bag the fame to design the new avatar. Apple has done away with the boring square look it used in previous generations. The new design will feature a curve at the back. Camera's position is changed to center with headphone slotted in right boundary of the phone.

There is no plastic that is used to case the silicon. Much like the Mac-book, Apple has used all aluminum to drape the beauty.

The processor will take a next leap with quad-core processor called the A6, designed by ARM. With a 4G support the phone offers a downloading capacity of 32mbps. The already ahead operating system is further pushed with iOS 5.1. The phone will be fire proof but what has not changed is the battery trouble. Back-up still remain to be low but a break through technology of wireless charging has been introduced.

With dates not yet decided iphone5 has captured the mind already of the buyers. We hope that Apple hear your call and introduce all the features that are keenly demanded.

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