The Latest Angry Birds Will Not Be On Windows Gadgets

Several days ago the Google corporation introduced the hottest video game from the Angry Birds sequence. Angry Birds Space is a continuation of the game that has modified the world. The modern game has a number of new capabilities and it will keep you entertained for a long period. It is genuine that this game demands a pretty good phone to run and it will not perform great on older versions.

Only a day after the launch of the game a Nokia representative made a public declaration. He made it very clear that the new Angry Birds Space will never be available on the mobile phones that run the windows mobile system.

After this announcement, one of the suppliers of the game came out and made its own declaration. He stated that the workers at Rovio understand that the Angry Birds video game is the best sold app in the Windows Phone shop, but this does not mean that the game will be created to work with the platform. He mentioned that the work required to rewrite the video game is huge and it is not truly worth the effort to completely remake the video game just for this system.

This conclusion is a big smack for Nokia. They have just mentioned that they will release a whole new series of devices that will make use of the Windows platform. They have also stated that they will not carry on the development of the Symbian platform. Nokia will certainly take a hard hit as they just began to make a comeback in the marketplace. Not having access to Angry Birds could be a strong reason to choose another mobile phone and this is simple since the marketplace is full of awesome cell phone deals from other manufacturers.

Nokia will take a great hit on its most important retail market. They had a boost in sales in China and the modern decision of the people at Rovio could turn the wheel. Nokia could lose a lot of Chinese clients and their cell phones will be again looked as failures. The lobbyists at Nokia should try and convince the people at Rovio to make the video game workable for the Windows platform. This is the only possibility that Nokia has to remain competitive in the market. We will need to see if this great video game will be available on Microsoft's platform or not. Things do not look wonderful for Nokia who has invested billions in its modern cell phones.

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