Lake Levels Are Vital To Georgia

In the state of Georgia, there are lakes that come with a fluctuation of water levels. The importance of the Georgia lake levels is to provide information concerning the levels of water that fluctuate each year. They were designed to provide services for drought and flood control. The success of this saw the most of the lakes in the region grow form being drought ridden to above the full-pool mark.

For instance, when it comes to the Lake Lanier, for a while it has had to be in a state of a major battle with drought. This took a number of years. The lake has a great importance when it comes to serving the surrounding community with domestic water. During the period, there were water restrictions and there was no use of outdoor water use such as fountains.

In the recent times, there has been some epic flooding in the state of Georgia. This has raised the levels of the lake above the full pool state. Some of the docks have been rendered underwater while some are in contact with it. Most of the boat owners as well as marinas have had to battle with the sudden drop as well as some had to lose their boats on the lake.

This is the reason it becomes crucial for the lakes in Georgia to be closely monitored. This is to be able to keep track of the recent and former water levels. The Army Corps of Engineers or Georgia Power usually maintains most of these lakes. They are required to constantly check on the levels of water and provide the information to the people. As well, they inform on tips to consider for water-sport lovers.

When it comes to checking the Georgia Lake Levels, Lake Altoona is the oldest lake that was developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It occupies 11,860 acres of land on the Etowah River that is around 30, miles off Atlanta. This convenient lake has boat ramps for access to parking. It also provides some good camping grounds. Skiers as well as anglers who enjoy what it has to provide heavily use it.

Then there is the Carters Lake on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains located on the northern side of Georgia. The waters from the lake provide a good surrounding for a number of opportunities for recreation. This is popular with campers as well as anglers and picnic lovers. Due to its proximity to the mountains, it also becomes a good zone for people who love mountain biking and hunting.

Then there is the Clark's Hill that is the largest of Georgia's reservoirs. This lake occupies around 71,000 acres. The lake is on the northeast of Augusta and is found on the Savannah River. There are a huge number of creeks that are responsible for feeding the lake. It provides people with a massive shoreline at 1,200 miles.

15 miles north of Sandersville there is another lake covering 225 acres. The lake is on the Ogeechee River which emanates from the Hamburg State Park. It is a lake that welcomes fishing lovers for its huge numbers of bass, shellcrackers, and jackfish. The lake only allows boats that are powered by motors as well as outboards up to 10 hp.

One of the most favored ways to have a break is to go for what Lake Andrews provides. This is area for camping due to the attractive camping sites on the waterfront. It also offers the best of camping grounds that have been taken to be some of the most attractive in the entire East of the US. The lake covers acreage of 1,540. The lakes in Georgia provide the people not only with water but also with recreation activities. This is the reason the Georgia lake levels are so crucial for the state.

Lake levels can functuate daily in Georgia. Georgia relies on area lakes for its primary water source. Lakes are also vital to the economy in Georgia. Read more at

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