Is Wind Energy Renewable Energy?

Many people are trying to figure a way to get "Greener" these days, which brings up the question, Is wind energy renewable energy? The answer may seem obvious at first glance to many people who live their lives and careers in the renewable energy space, but these definitions and labels can slow people up in making decisions to make power at home, so it is a good exercise to contemplate why these devices are labeled as they are.Is wind energy renewable energy or just another form of power?

These are the litmus tests you can use to determine if any form of power is renewable or not…

Do home wind turbines require input of any diminishing fuel source?

The definition of renewable energy is quite simple - If you are tapping an energy resource that does not go away, you are dealing with renewable energy at your home. Anything that is potentially an endless supply of the resource needed to make electricity is a renewable or sustainable device.

For example, a waterwheel placed in a moving river is definitely renewable energy, unless you think that the source of the flow in the river will dry up sometime soon. Then it is no more a renewable energy source than a fossil fuel which will eventually totally go away. Wind and solar energy are definitely examples of sustainable renewable projects that are not very likely to ever subside, at least in our lifetimes.

When you use wind turbine kits is it possible to run out of power?

As we just stated, it if you are using a truly renewable or sustainable energy source then it is unlikely that you will ever run out of the flow that you need in order to make power from it. While we can never be certain that things won't change, the physics of our universe is believed to be it fixed, at least in the short term.

Do wind generators cause any pollution?

By and large, there is no pollution created by the wind turbine kit itself. However, there is some pollution created in the manufacturing of the device, without question. If anything is being made in a factory it is going to cause some pollution because the factory is of course using power created in a central power plant. It is conceivably possible that a factory that makes wind turbine components would be powered by renewable clean energy sources but that is unlikely.

To answer the question is wind energy renewable energy requires an understanding of what constitutes this type of power source and why we need it in the first place.

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