How To Create A Website For Dial-Up Connections

Most people have high-speed Internet connections, so they do not ever expect to use dial-up Internet again. After all, no one would choose to have a slower connection when they could have a faster one unless price was a problem. However, there are still a large number of people who are using these old connections, so you need to know how to create a website that will work for them. This will make it so that you do not cut out some of your audience. You will not push anyone away. People with fast and slow connections alike will be able to use the site.

Step number one is to make all of your images as small as you can. This does not necessarily mean making the picture that people see smaller. It may just mean decreasing the file size. You can sometimes do this by saving images in a different format. For example, JPEG files tend to be a lot larger than PDF files. If the text on your site is actually a JPEG image of the words, you may want to change this format to make the page load faster. This will make it so that people with dial-up Internet connections do not have to sit around and wait for the file to load.

The next step is to get rid of all of the videos. These are very popular with sites in the modern day, but they will not play smoothly on a dial-up connection. It will just be too slow to process all of the information in time. The video may load and then play for three seconds. Then it will have to pause for thirty seconds before it can play three more. This takes away all of the advantages that are given by a video in the first place. If you can, you should replace these files with photographs and text.

You would also be wise to put as much information on each page as you can. This will make it so that users do not have to click on multiple links to find what they are looking for. Pages load very slowly on dial-up connections, even when they consist of little more than a background image and some text. A person on a high speed connection may be able to click through ten pages in ten seconds, but the person on the dial-up connection will have to wait twenty seconds or more for each new page. If they have to go through too many pages, they will be much more likely to give up before they find what they want. They will just not have the time for a process like this.

The last thing to do is to give people an option to turn off the images entirely. You could even have a front page that asks people what connection they have. If they choose the slower option, all of the unnecessary images will be hidden. They might just be trying to find your phone number anyway so that they can call you. They do not want to wait for a lot of things to load when they need such a small bit of information and nothing else. By letting them turn the images off, you will make sure that they really do call you.

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