How 211 Software Can Help Keep Kids Out Of Trouble

One of the biggest problems our country is facing is trying to figure out how we can keep our children out of trouble and off the streets. And once we figure out how, we then need to implement the programs that can make it possible.

Although some kids don't have much choice about being on the street because they are homeless, we still have to find ways to help them to stay out of trouble.

However, there are other segments of our population that are also at risk. Nowadays not only are two income families the norm, a lot of parents are even taking on two or more jobs each just to try to make ends meet. When that happens there is often nobody left at home who can take care of their kids.

Although after school programs try to help parents to fill the gap they don't always do the trick. The quality and the availability of youth programs vary from one area to the next. While some provide food, showers, clean clothes, education and healthcare others only provide after school activities and tutoring.

A lot of the youth who are at risk live in economically depressed areas where they face being poor and hungry. They are also being subjected to being in the midst of criminal activities on an all too regular basis. Many of the kids who don't have a home to call their own have experienced rather traumatic conditions. Some have been subjected to abuse, to gang violence, human trafficking, or they have been rejected by their parents or guardians.

Here are some rather alarming statistics for you to consider:

• 57% of homeless kids experience at least 1 day per month without having any food to eat

• 50% of homeless children have reported family conflicts or family violence as being the underlying cause of their being homeless

• 40% of the homeless in the United States are less than 18 years old

• 25% (or more) of foster kids are going to end up being homeless

When organizations provide services to kids it is important for them to compile data and statistics because it will help them to evaluate their progress and keep the kids of the street. One of the ways they do this is in the United States is by using 211 software systems. A lot of our states offer access to 211 phone systems that people in need can use to find out about facilities and programs in their neighborhood.

Both clients and organizations have found that 211 software is beneficial because it makes it easy to compile data and to draw charts and graphs. It also makes it a lot easier for different agencies to interact with each other. Some organizations now link 211 software to some of their other programs so that they can make become more efficient while they provide needed tools to their employees.

It is hoped that the agencies that use 211 software will be able to use it to keep children out of trouble and off the streets.

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