Home Improvements: Top Wall Ideas

Everyone is house proud, whether they admit it or not. Keeping our house clean, modern and welcoming is something we all strive for regardless of if we accept it or not. Whenever you are ready to add to your property, it's all about a mix of improving sale value alongside personal pleasure. Whether you are looking for a custom home design and build or a simple room remodel, there is plenty to consider.

A lot of talk these days is about extensions or kitchens, but if you focus in on that then you can find additional talking points. From the appliances in the kitchen itself to a walk-in wardrobe in the bedroom, it's the small details that have the chance to make the biggest difference. And when you consider that there's nothing we see more in a house than walls, this can be big business if you use the right home remodel contractor .

Album art

The first suggestion is a very bold move but can look modern and unique. If you have painted walls then why not frame classic album covers and put them up? With a bright background, using white frames and vertical lines to make them stand out will be the best way to show off your wall to guests.

Multicoloured wallpaper

This is something that is likely to go brilliantly well or horrendously badly - so be careful. But, if you're looking to be as trendy as possible then play with your colours. Pastel florals could be mixed, your hallways could play host to thick stripe shading and you could get a whole new theme to each room that flows perfectly.


Use the space behind the head of your bed to let your creative juices flow with panelling. If you use neutral shades then these can really stand out and make a subtle impact for anyone and everyone who sees the room.


An idea that is seen in more and more post-modern bathrooms is that of creative tiling through a collage. Through a mix of high-gloss and antique tiles that come with different patterns and sizes you will be able to get a truly unique look. Working in the kitchen as well, if you have toning shades on a white scheme you will get the best results.

Geometric borders

One design that is found across offices up and down the land, the use of architectural lines in a room is a great use of wall space. Elegant shades for angled stripes, this is a simple addition that can be started from pretty much any piece of furniture in the room.

Bare plaster

Last but not least, forget doing anything fancy in the bathroom and instead leave in natural to get a calming influence from the room.

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