Here's How To Create A Website

There are many guides on how to create a website. In recent days, the process has become much simpler and yet more complex. It's no longer a matter of downloading a template, fighting to fit in text, and then hoping it will display in an acceptable way when it's uploaded. A webmaster no longer has to learn any coding at all, though a basic awareness of HTML is easy to gain and helpful for all website building purposes. Now that there are content management systems, or CMS, website-building scripts, and downloadable website templates, display and graphics mechanics have become a matter of control panel decisions.

The first step is deciding the type of site the webmaster is building. For instance, a weblog or blog will have a blog platform like Wordpress. A CMS-run site like a gallery or store will have another platform script. Once the webmaster has decided on the type of site being built, the next step is deciding on a name. The best website title is short, catchy and easy to spell. Ideally, the title will be the main part of its domain name. Search engine optimization of keywords will ideally be kept in mind when choosing both the title and the domain. Although algorithm game rules change over time, it's usually a good bet to rely to some degree on keywords in website titles for optimization purposes. A strong keyword title will also help brand the website in the mind of visitors.

Once the web builder decides on the new website's type and name, its form becomes the next decision. If the webmaster is building a website that's not run by a platform script, such as a blog, he will need a website template, desktop HTML and other website building software, or a hosted website building script. If he chooses to download a website template and handle customization by hand, there are many sites with free and premium website templates for download. Many website hosts also have website building software with an array of available themes, many with customization features, controlled via an online menu.

If the chosen website is a blog or other platform-intensive website, it's a matter of choosing the desired platform as the script itself handles display and graphics details. Many website hosts have blog-type and other CMS platform scripts that set-up with a couple of clicks. Customization is then just a matter of ticking a few boxes on the control panels. Many blog and other CMS templates allow for adding custom graphics to existing themes. A website's graphics then becomes a matter of the webmaster having, or having friends with, Photoshop chops.

If the webmaster has registered a domain, chosen hosting, and built the website itself, content then becomes key. There are many sources of high quality content for websites. If the website is a blog, such blog platforms as Wordpress have innumerable free plugins and themes to further create a site. Many other CMS have their own free templates and add-ons.

Creating a website is now a miracle of ease mixed with some basic expertise.

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