Forgan Golf Clubs: Performance And Value In One

Forgan Golf Clubs, founded in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1819 is one of the oldest golf club manufacturers in the world. Golfers only familiar with the more popular golf club brands will be doing their game and budget a huge disservice by not giving Forgan due diligence.

Golf is about confidence, accuracy and control; Forgan clubs offer all three. Forgan is now located in California and they produce a stellar line of American made clubs priced for all budgets.

The Forgan website often has specials and sales, especially if you use their Customize Set link on their homepage, you can find clubs for as much as 75% off retail price.

Forgan clubs also look beautiful, and while that will not necessarily take shots off your game, being confident will. The beautiful craftsmanship is eye-catching and the construction is sturdy providing consistent performance.

Forgan also produces golf bags, visors, gloves, shoes, and other accessories. Being able to fully customize your entire golf club set and apparel for under $300 is an incredible bargain for the quality.

Forgan golf sets are great for emerging pros all the way to beginning golfers, who would reap the benefits of the Forgan Hybrid Rescue Clubs, which will boost a golfer's confidence by providing more length and loft. Forgan golf clubs are also easy to play with, providing unparalleled balance and weight; the clubs produce a nice clean soft shot.

The Forgan IWD 460CC Titanium Driver is a beast of a driver that pushes the specs to the legal limit for maximum performance. Constructed out of black titanium the oversized head is balanced perfectly to provide a smooth and powerful strike that will easily send the ball deep down range.

Forgan irons offer a wide arrange of clubs for varying skill sets and budgets. For golfers struggling with their iron play, a set of Forgan's St Andrews IWD2 Black Iron Set along with the St Andrews iHy Hybrid Combo and F3iHybrid Irons are great for improving a poor iron game quickly.

The Forgan St Andrews TP 1 Putter is a nice and weighty mallet putter with a large white align bar across the top to help improve accuracy. The putter feels great in the hands and is often times on sale for a ridiculously low price and well worth the value.

Forgan also produces a line of specialty wedges at affordable prices. The Forgan Series 1 Hollow Structure Wedge is perfect for getting out of tough tall grass or weeds with greater control. The Forgan Tour ProSpin Wedge and the Forgan Tour Spin Black Satin Wedge are great for controlling the ball around the greens to achieve your lowest score.

Victoria Vohn, , has been researching potential purchases online since the early days of the internet. She has owned and operated an IT company for the past 20 years and has developed extensive expertise in internet research. Now she is sharing that research with you. Visit her website featuring Forgan Golf Clubs and Accessories at .

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