Extreme Fat Loss Diet

Any xtreme fat loss diet has to be approached with a great deal of caution. Whether this is interpreted as losing a lot of weight in a short time, or even a moderate amount of weight in a condensed time frame still should require a regulated reduction. An xtreme fat loss diet is probably one of the most dangerous forms of dieting as it can have a serious effect on the body's organs and their functions.

Exercise caution as well as body

An xtreme fat loss diet often combines a major reduction in "non-essential" foods and an intensive work out regimen. This could be hard enough if someone's a "regular" to a gym or health club, but if that person is taking on intense physical activity for the first time with an xtreme fat loss diet, it's nothing short of dangerous. Any regular work out enthusiast will say that their trips to the gym or health club are followed with cellular replenishment and hydration. This replenishment ideally takes the form of certain foods with natural ingredients. Failure to do so can lead to exhaustion and even collapse.


Many of the programs for an xtreme fat loss diet are do-it-yourself plans. This means that where gradual weight loss companies often provide a support or mentoring service, the xtreme fat loss diet leaves the individual to follow the routine on his or her own. For those who are highly disciplined this may not be an issue, whereas someone launching into this form of dieting for the first time could benefit a great deal from guidance, encouragement and support.

Time Frame

It's important to note that xtreme fat loss diets are not designed for body building, not should anyone entering such a program be so deceived. Their purpose is to make fat disappear in a relatively short time. To say how long someone should follow such a program depends on the amount of weight to be shed. However, diet plans should be treated with a great deal of respect as a prolonged xtreme fat loss diet could be physiologically debilitating. The common time frame given for an xtreme fat loss diet is no more than a month at a time. It might be good advice that an xtreme fat loss diet should be considered by those who need to lose no more than 10 pounds/4.5 kilograms considering the time constraint.

As always, before starting on an xtreme fat loss diet or any diet consult with your doctor first.

For more information, see good diets for losing weight.

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