Exciting And Fun Shrek Party Games Ideal For A Shrek And The Gang Party

Throw a fun Shrek party with plenty of party games for the Shrek lovers…and do not forget about Donkey. Shrek may not be the most outgoing type but that does not mean he cannot have fun once in awhile.

Puss in Boots Boots Toss game. Place boots, which can be similar to the ones wore by Puss n Boots, or general boots at a reasonable distance from the throwing line. Print out picture of Puss n Boots (perhaps from the face) and apply it to ping-pong balls. The main objective of the game is to toss ping pong balls into the boots with a limited amount of tosses.

Pin the Face on Gingerbread Man. For some reason the baker forgot to put the facial features on Gingerbread Man. It is up to the party guests to finish the job. After cutting out the Gingerbread Man from paper then place it on a wall or door(this Gingerbread Man should be somewhat large). Cut out Gingerbread Man's nose mouth, two eyes, and two eyebrows (cut out more details if wanted) and give to the players. The main goal of the game is to put the eyes, nose and mouth on the Gingerbread Man.

Pin the Tail on Donkey. This is a classic game that requires players to pin the tail on Donkey. Shrek Tic Tac Toe. To place a Shrek-size tic tac toe game cut out the X's and O's from card board. On top of the X's and O's place printouts of Shrek characters and glue on. On the back of the letters apply tape so the letters will stick to the poster board. Decorating the party area with pictures, ribbon and other ideas will add a nice touch to the party. Make the game large enough so Shrek himself could play.

Shrek Look-a-like. Shrek look-a-like is played by taking images of Shrek is his most interest faces (mostly when he is mad) and have the party guests try to imitate the face as much as possible. Give each child a face to imitate and take a picture once they are satisfied with the pose. When the partry is happening have various pictures printed out for the guests to compare their face to other faces.

Knight Battle. Have players make their very own knight swords by cutting swords from cardboard, paint the handles of the knight swords, and add tin foil to make the blades of the swords. Have players stand on 2 x 4's with cinder block supports and try to knock each other off. This is a fun game for a slightly older group of children.

Shrek Party Supplies and Invitations are a great way of having a super Shrek party complete with Shrek party games and activities.

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