Entertaining Winnie the Pooh Party Games Perfect For A Fun Filled Winnie The Pooh Party

Winnie the Pooh is a great fun loving character that children of all ages love and enjoy therefore Winnie the Pooh makes a perfect party theme. Party games are always welcome for any type of theme party and Winnie the Pooh games will encourage fun play among party guests.

Winnie the Pooh Honey Pot Toss: This game is played by having various types of little Winnie the Pooh honey pots and having a variety of gold types of candies placed in them. Place 3-4 hunny pots in a row and have players stay behind a desired line to throw the golden candies in the hunny pot. To make the game fair allow each of the guests to toss the candies in the pots.

Pin the Nose on Piglet: This game is an exciting and fun game that centers on playing a nose on Piglet. Cut out pig noses from pink construction paper. Use a printout picture of Piglet or draw and paint Piglet on a large sheet of paper. Blindfold or have the players close their eyes and paste the pig nose on Piglets nose as close as possible.

Bouncing Tigger Race. Bouncing Tigger Race is played with Space Hoppers and a make-shift race course. Set up a race course in a large party area and have the players have a run race around the track. When the players hear the word, go they begin to bounce around the course on the Space Hoppers. The first children to complete the laps is declared the Bouncing Tigger Race winner. In addition, this game can be played in a relay race style format if only two Space Hoppers are available. To play the game the team must pick one player to hop around the course one whole time. Once the players from each team return to the start line they pass the Space Hopper to the next player and so on.

Winnie the Pooh B.I.N.G.O. Winnie the Pooh B.I.N.G.O.is a fun game that children and adults can play together. To make the Winnie the Pooh B.I.N.G.O. cards, print out various Winnie the characters and imagery such as trees, hunny pots etc. in the squares on the cards. Most kids will enjoy receiving party favors for winning the Winnie the Pooh B.I.N.G.O. games. Keep playing until all players have won at least one time. Winnie the Pooh Party Supplies and Invitations are the perfect way for young kids to celebrate and have a great time at a Winnie the Pooh party.

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