Diseases and Medical Conditions Associated with Gout

There are a host of diseases and medical conditions associated with gout. Nothing is ever simple with gout. In a way it is like gout opens "a can of worms" and makes you eligible for other diseases. For starters, you are at high risk of developing gout if you have leukemia, lymphoma, hemoglobin disorders and hypothyroidism. More interesting are diseases and medical conditions that do not only put you at risk of developing gout but should also be ruled out once you are diagnosed with gout.

Metabolic Syndrome

List toppers are obesity, type II or late-onset diabetes, untreated hypertension and hyperlipidemia or elevated fat and cholesterol in blood. These conditions are classified under "metabolic syndrome" since they arise from the failure of the body to react properly to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance causes disproportionate re-absorption of uric acid by the kidneys rather than removing it via urine. Type I or early-onset diabetes is not known to be highly associated with gout; except when uncontrolled.

Vascular Diseases

Heart attack, stroke, and poor blood circulation in the limbs known as vascular diseases are next in the list. Gout is likely to develop if you already suffer from one or more of these vascular diseases. There are also medications for these conditions, like diuretics, that increase the risk of gout. If you are diagnosed with gout and do not have a pre-existing vascular disease; you should talk to your doctor about ruling them out. The most significant consideration with vascular disease and gout is to treat them together without worsening either condition.


If you suffer from psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin condition, this puts you at high risk of developing gout as this condition increases uric acid level. A gout and psoriasis combo is even worse as it risks the likelihood of developing psoriatic arthritis, a condition similar to rheumatoid arthritis and gout in its manifestations and symptoms.

Other Types of Arthritis

Gout being a very common type of arthritis is also known to occur with other types of arthritis. This includes pseudogout brought about by high calcium levels and septic arthritis caused by bacterial or fungal infection. The symptoms of high uric acid are also similar to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis highlighting the importance of obtaining definitive tests for gout during diagnosis. It is worthwhile noting that the two big items - metabolic syndrome and vascular diseases - in the list of diseases and medical conditions associated with gout are very much connected. Both may be genetic or may result from dietary and lifestyle factors. The risk for both may also be significantly lowered by maintaining a healthy weight and overall healthy living. Reducing the risk for both also lowers uric acid levels and lowers the risk for gout.

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