Common Rental Car Deals That Can Save You Money

Some people rent a vehicle while out-of-town for a single night away from home for business or for pleasure. Others may lease a vehicle for several weeks while their car is being repaired in an auto body shop. Whatever needs you may have for a rental vehicle in the near future, there may be several different rental car deals available that can save you money. While deals and promotional offers will vary from company to company and from day to day, there are a few common deals that you may want to consider looking for the next time you lease a vehicle.

Savings for Paying Online

Many drivers today reserve their vehicle online, but they do not pay for their rental until they arrive at the rental location to pick it up. There is no penalty for paying for your rental at the time you pick the car up. However, you may enjoy savings by paying for your rental online when you make your reservation. Some companies simply allow you to pay online for convenience without giving you a discount, but others will provide you with a discount by paying for your rental when you make your reservation. Look for this option to enjoy immediate savings on your rental.

Frequent Renter Programs

If you travel often, you may benefit from leasing a vehicle from the same company regularly. Some rental companies have a frequent renter program that allows you to enjoy discounts and savings when you rent vehicles in the future. Each company that offers such a program works in a different way. You can take time to review these programs in detail, and then find a program that is best suited to your needs and usage. The savings available on these programs can be considerable, but the savings are not uniform from company to company. Consider comparing discounts available between the companies to find the best options for savings.

Last-Minute Offers

If you need to lease a vehicle at a moment's notice, you can save money by browsing online deals before you head to the car rental company. These deals may be available for same-day rentals or rentals for the next day. Keep in mind that some unique last-minute special offers may be available at some branch locations that are not available at another branch. So when shopping for these specials, take time to browse specials available at several different locations close to your location before you head out to pick up your vehicle. Also, pay attention to the rental company's rules regarding these offers. Some may require you to make your reservation for the vehicle online in order to take advantage of savings.

Some special offers and deals can be combined together for spectacular savings. For instance, you may benefit from savings with a last-minute special coupled with savings by paying for your rental online. Some special offers, however, many not be used in conjunction with other offers or online coupons. The next time you need to lease a vehicle, consider how some of these savings offers may benefit you. You can browse savings offers online for convenience, and then reserve your vehicle online to lock in the savings with your next rental.

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