Comenius Programme For European Students And Teachers

Comenius is a programme which is aimed to bring students & teachers from various European countries combine together. The programme was set up by the European Union. This is a Research Based Innovation programme.

Those who are eligible to attend the programme are students within the age from 14 and 19 years and teachers who are proficient in their teaching career. The European countries eligible to participate in the programme include Romania, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy and Sweden.

Jan Amos Comenius (1592 - 1670), an educationist under whose name the programme was incorporated was known to be the father of new education. The Comenius programme has two major goals to achieve. They were:

1- To help train & educate all the European community teachers and students attending this programme about the various cultures, values and languages of Europe. Apart from this main objective, the 2nd main objective of the programme is

2- To help students and teachers from all European nations to improve and increase their personal development and discuss with them about future employment & how to be an active citizen of their European community.

Apart from the above mentioned 2 main objectives, the programme also makes sure that students dedicate themselves and spend more time on their studies especially the science language, mainly because, it was noted that science has not been taken seriously by most students when compared with the other subjects.

Those students and teachers selected to attend the Comenius programme must not fail to take Visitors Travel Health Insurance. This is a travel insurance meant to safeguard travelers on their journey from any untoward accident that might happen during their overseas trip such as road accidents, lost baggage etc. The insurance covers medical expenses like doctor's fees, hospital expenses, prescribed drug reimbursement etc. The premium to be paid for the health insurance is very low and works for just $26 for a policy cover of $50,000 for one month. The premium is calculated based on the age of a student who is 18 years old.

To get to know more about this European community Educationist Comenius programme, you will have to visit their website. Visiting this site will provide you with all adequate knowledge about the whole programme.

Adele Pitt frequently writes about education programmes around the world. To learn more about Research Based Innovation and Educationist Comenius visit

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