Celebrate Chinese New Year With Fun Chinese New Year Games

Chinese New Year is a time for great celebration. As you welcome the new Chinese new year, you may spend days gathering with your family, setting off firecrackers, and exchanging gifts and red envelopes for good luck. Make the guests feel special by having Chinese New Year Party Supplies to make the celebration more fun. Another way to set your Chinese New Year Celebration apart is to play fun Chinese New Year party games.

At a Chinese New Year party, it's a fun idea to play traditional Chinese games like "Forcing the Gates." If the guests played "Red Rover" as children, they'll already have a good idea of how to play "Forcing the Gates". Appoint two team captains and have the captains choose who they want to be on their team. Each team holds hands and faces the other. One team then sings:

He stuck a feather in his hat, And hurried to the town And children met him with a horse For the gates were broken down.

The captain chooses a player to run to the other side and try with all his or her might to break through the other team's line. When a player breaks through the opposing team's line, that team loses the two players where the line break occurred to the team that broke through. Then the other side sings the song.

"Catching Seven Pieces" is another fun game to play for Chinese New Year. It was originally played with small square inch rice bags, but you can use small bean bags to play. The games starts with a player spreading the soft objects on the ground, within the play area and not too far apart. To start, they pick up one bag, throw it in the air, pick up another bag while the first one is still airborne, then catch the first bag in the same hand. Then throw one of the pieces into the air again, grab another piece, and catch the airborne piece so that there are three pieces in your hand. The goal is to have all seven pieces in your hand. If you drop one, then you put down all the pieces and it's the next player's turn.

Happiness, joy and fun are the rule at Chinese New Year and games keep the fun going. Good food, family and friends, great Chinese New Year Party Supplies and fun games will make the celebration unforgettable.

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