Allergy Sufferers Find Relief With Sensitive Earrings

Women and men enjoy wearing all types of jewelry including earrings, but it is estimated that a large percentage of the population is allergic to certain metal alloys found in earring studs. Those with sensitivity allergies find it difficult to wear many earrings found on the market today. They must search for sensitive earrings that are compatible with their individual skin type. Since skin sensitivity varies from person to person, one may find it necessary to experiment with different metal options before discovering the perfect solution.

Many with sensitive ears develop an allergy just from wearing earrings made of nickel, which is a popular alloy found in many stylish earrings. Those sensitive to this metal experience many symptoms such as pain, redness, itching and possible bleeding. Infections may result from continued wearing of earrings containing metals that cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

Hypoallergenic earrings can even cause those with sensitive ears to develop irritating symptoms because they are made of stainless steel. Even though stainless steel contains only minute amounts of nickel in the earrings, it can still cause problems for those with severe allergies. Many expensive gold and silver earrings have backs that are stainless steel. A new type of earring gaining popularity among those with sensitive ears is the magnetic earring that is easily found on the market.

Platinum earrings rarely cause people to develop sensitivity allergies or infections when they wear them, but they can be quite expensive. Many choose plastic earrings, which are readily available in many different designs. Some choose to use plastic tubes, posts, post covers or ear wires to help eliminate irritation caused by metal ones. These plastic products work well because no metal comes in contact with the skin.

In the medical field, niobium is used in the manufacture of surgical instruments. Earrings made of surgical steel eliminate the worry about the possibility of nickel being a component. Surgical steel is safely used in operating rooms and is guaranteed not to irritate sensitive skin in most individuals. Earrings made of 14K gold and sterling silver usually have surgical steel backs. Consumers can find surgical steel earrings in many attractive shapes and styles.

There is another hypoallergenic earring on the market that those with sensitive ears can wear without fear of developing an allergic reaction. Titanium earrings are nickel-free and will not produce allergy symptoms in those with even the most sensitive ears. It is important to shop carefully for titanium earrings to be sure that they do not have stainless steel clips or posts. If they are products of high quality, the clips or posts will be made of only titanium. Sometimes tungsten is mistaken for titanium, but only earrings that are marked titanium are genuine. It will not irritate the most sensitive skin or cause any adverse reaction.

Those with allergies to many earring types do not have to stop wearing earrings if they shop carefully and ask questions before buying. It is frustrating to suffer from allergic contact dermatitis, but the smart consumer can find many different earring styles that promise comfort for even the most sensitive ears. It is possible to find quality, affordable, fashionable earrings that will not cause irritation or discomfort.

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