Adventurous Survivor Party Games So Challenging Everyone Will Have A Great Time

Planning a Survivor party is perfect for celebrating either the beginning or the end of the season with Survivor. Survivor parties can include various party games similar to those challenges found on the popular TV show.

Blind Leading the Blind: This game is a fun game that has the guests telling each other what to do as they work to put together a puzzle. This game can be made by printing out section of a large scenery or cutting up pieces of a poster and so forth. The idea is to make the puzzle very large and complicated for the players. Separate the party guests into two teams and the team who can complete the puzzle in the fastest time wins. Additionally, the two teams can play against one another to complete identical puzzles. The first team to complete this challenge wins. It is important to give clear and accurate instruction to the blindfolded player so he or she knows what to do.

Eating Contest: This game will be a lot of fun and involves having a variety of finger foods placed on a table. Each team member must have one item to eat in front of them to begin. For example, place the candy on the table, one Jell-O bowl each for two opposing players and so. On go, the first player must eat all the gummy worms in front of them, and once they are done, the next player in that team can begin eating their candy and so on. Only when one team member finishes their candy can another team member begin to eat theirs. The winner is the first team to eat all the candy and snacks that were lined up in front of team members. Party hosts and other helps must ensure no player begins eating their candy before the previous player has complete eaten theirs. If a player eats to soon the team cannot eating anything for 20 seconds - which may cost them the game in the end.

Obstacle Course. No Survivor party is complete without the un of an obstacle course. If the party is taking place in a backyard use tires, chairs, tables, cardboard boxes, hula-hoops and anything else party guests can jump over and crawl under. The winning team is the one that finishes the obstacle course first.

Additionally, most people will find that a Survivor Party with party supplies and invitations will be a lot of fun for guests of all ages.

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