7 Important Tips to Become an Expert Helicopter Pilot

Vital ways to become an expert helicopter pilot include doing an introductory flight, meeting certain requirements, acquiring a Third Class Medical Certificate, complying with all the requirements of the training, getting a Second Class Medical Certificate, completing what's needed for a commercial helicopter pilot certificate, and completing dual instructor flight time.

Flying in a helicopter is a very exciting experience, more so if you're the pilot. Not only will you earn bragging rights, but numerous large companies will also be searching for you to manage their helicopters. Nevertheless, you need to know that you need great commitment in order to get a helicopter pilot certification. Check out this article to know how to become a professional helicopter pilot.

Execute an introductory flight

Several helicopter schools provide initial flights, so that applicants can perform a thirty-minute helicopter test flight. You might want to try an initial flight first before you decide to undergo training to become a helicopter pilot, so you will determine if you like flying the aircraft. In addition, the introductory flight will be added to your flying report for the expected flying period, in case you opt to continue with the training.

Meet the requirements

Before you can obtain your helicopter ppl, you need to meet the standard requirements of becoming a helicopter pilot trainee. Although you could enroll in a helicopter school at age 16, you would not be able to get a certificate unless you are eighteen years old. Besides the age requirement, you also need to know how to read, write, talk and grasp the English language very well. An applicant should also be an American citizen, or he may have to go to the Transportation Security Administration's office to acquire a clearance before he can start the training.

Obtain a Third Class Medical Certificate

Private pilots should acquire and maintain a 3rd Class Medical Certificate from a medical examiner that is designated by the Faa. It is advisable that you acquire this certificate before paying any school fees, so you would know any existing health issues that might keep you from getting a clearance to start training.

Comply with all the requirements of the training

The Faa has a minimum set of requirements for exclusive helicopter pilots to obtain a certification. These requirements are outlined in the Helicopter Private Pilot Certification Requirements of Part 61 in the Federal Aviation Regulations. These requirements include no less than forty hours of helicopter flight time, and a written and useful assessment. After you meet the requirements and pass all exams, you'll then obtain your private helicopter pilot certification.

Obtain a Second Class Healthcare Certification

If you desire to become a commercial helicopter pilot, you should obtain a 2nd Class Healthcare Certificate first from a selected medical officer of the Federal Aviation Administration. This certificate will be good for 1 year before it turns into a Third Class Medical Certification.

Complete the requirements for an industrial helicopter pilot certificate

Complete all the requisites for an industrial helicopter pilot certificate as with part 61 of the FAA Industrial Helicopter Pilot Requirements. These involve 100 hours in a powered aircraft, wherein 50 hours of which are in helicopters; one hundred hours of flight time being "Pilot in Command", with 35 hours in helicopters, ten hours of flying across the country alone, and dual instructor time of twenty hours.

Complete dual trainer flight time

You also need to have at least twenty hours of dual trainer flight time, that consists of ten hours device training, 5 hours of night VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight, 10 airport takeoffs and landings, and 2 two-hour cross-country flights.

You can also become a licensed flight instructor. You will earn money by training others.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Understand more about helicopter ppl by visiting http://www.civichelicopters.com/en/courses/private-pilot-license.html

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