3 Things You Don't Expect When Moving To The Big Apple

I could not wait to move to the Big Apple. I was envisioning myself being just like Carrie Bradshaw, strolling down Madison Avenue in designer clothes, hailing cabs, and grabbing lunch and cosmos with my friends at popular restaurants. I had no idea how silly I was for thinking that sort of thing happened every day in that city.

The streets

The Sex and the City crew must have drawn up a very small and particular maps of streets which they could actually film on. Broad avenues? Wide side walks? Old brick homes? There are a few. A few. On any given day, you must be always paying attention to your surroundings as you push through the thin, unevenly cemented sidewalks if you don't want to run into 4 people within 5 seconds and make them angry. And forget the stilettos. There are potholes, cracks and loose gravel everywhere, not to mention heaps of garbage. You'll most likely snap a stiletto or get some nasty trash stuck to it.

The luxury of cabs

Carrie didn't take the subway. It seemed she was always getting out of a cab. Before moving to the Big Apple, I believed that everyone took cabs in the Big Apple and that they were dirt cheap. And, even though that is somewhat accurate, it's only so for very short rides and in minimal traffic. How frequently to do you believe that second dynamic occurs? Infrequently enough for me to have only taken maybe seven cabs in my whole year in the Big Apple. You wind up riding the metro system which is grey, stinky, and jam packed with sketchy looking people and overall too packed. I wanted to learn to sing better during my time in the Big Apple, so I signed up for singing lessons on the Upper East side, meanwhile I lived on the Lower West side. I figured it was no big deal. Little had I anticipated that I'd need to ride 3 different dark, sad looking and over crowded trains to arrive there every week.

The fabulous outfits

There is definitely plenty of shopping in the Big Apple but very limited time to wear fabulous items. Summer there is ridiculously hot, you're stuffed in crowds any time you leave your home and you don't even have any beach getaway nearby. You avoid wearing your adorable summer dress since you know it will be destroyed by sweat marks within the hour. But when the cold weather comes around, your fashionable sweaters and boots won't make a difference. They will just be hidden under your ankle long puffy coat since you'll be unbearably chilly.

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