10 Diet Tips for Weight Loss: Important Facts You Really Should Know

Going on a diet for weight loss is a scary thought. It conjures images of starvation and very limited portions. Unless you choose to go on a crash diet (which isn't the same thing at all) this is hardly the case. Eating to lose weight means healthy balanced meals with none of the hunger pangs. Starvation is definitely not synonymous with a diet designed to lose the belly fat. It's the perfect mix of all necessary nutrients needed to sustain one's energy for that particular day.

Here are ten diet tips for weight loss:

1. Don't discount fat. Healthy fat such as those that come from plant-based sources like coconut, safflower and avocado are necessary for the body. Fats give the body that much-needed energy. However, make sure you consume only enough fat, and choose the healthy kind, not trans fats or saturated fat. Too much fat causes our bellies to bulge, clogging the arteries to cause heart attack.

2. Choose healthy alternatives to popular snacks. Instead of ice cream, choose low-fat yogurt; blackberries instead of chips, a meal replacement product like Shakeology, and wheat bread instead of white bread.

3. Don't forget to drink one to two glasses of water before every meal. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Water revs up your metabolism and burns fat.

4. Leave out the soda and all the processed fruit juice. If you're serious about lessening the amount of calories you consume, don't buy soda and don't drink it.

5. Chew your food well. Sit down at meal times and make it a relaxing time. When you chew your food slowly, you will feel full. Your brain takes about twenty minutes to register satiety and chewing your food slowly gives it the chance to process this information. If you eat fast, you will have to consume more since you're not giving yourself time to satisfy your hunger.

6. Don't skip breakfast. Even if you have to wake up earlier in order to prepare it, then by all means do so. Eating breakfast lessens the need for you to snack on empty calories in the middle of the day.

7. Put more protein like eggs into your breakfast. It makes you feel full for longer. Drink your milk, too.

8. Have at least three servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables every day. Spread them out at every meal. If you can't eat them, turn them into fruit drinks like smoothies or juices. It's a good idea to have a blender or a juicer in the kitchen to help you do this.

9. Get your carbohydrates from complex carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal and cereals. Shun the simple sugars which are what you would get from donuts, white breads and processed foods. They not only make your blood sugar levels spike, they are also the culprits behind bigger bellies and fatter thighs.

10. Eat more frequent meals, about five to six times in a day instead of three full meals. Smaller meals all throughout the day keeps your metabolic rate up so you keep on burning more calories. It also lessens your cravings.

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