Do you Really Need Golf Lessons?

Many golfers consider taking golf lessons, but they are not sure how to go about this. Some golfer, however, don't understand that lessons can really help even if they think they don't need them. All golfers can use lessons, and it is about finding the right type of instruction instead of just any teacher for any type of lesson.

If you really want to get the most out of your golf lessons, then you need to make sure you get the best teacher for you and take the right type of lessons for your game. This starts with tracking specific stats and understanding what they mean. If you do this for five to ten rounds, you will notice your real weaknesses, and then you can take golf lessons to help make your weaknesses better.

You want to track your score, the amount of putts you take per hole, the amount of penalty strokes you take, how many times you get up and down from 40 yards and closer, how many fairways you hit, and how many greens you hit in regulation. This will help you to see exactly where your weakest areas are.

If you have more than 30 putts per 18 holes, then you need to take a putting lesson or two. This is where most golfers can improve and drop the most strokes. Thirty putts per round is a good average to have and you should work towards this average if you want to play better golf. Start tracking your putts and you will know whether this is a weakness or not.

Tracking your penalty strokes will help you see whether you are taking too many or not. This could mean you have a course management issues, which you can take a lesson for. You may struggle mentally with seeing hazards and the out of bounds stakes, which means you need to work on your course management and mental skills.

The amount of times you get up and down from 40 yards and closer is when you chip or pitch onto the green and make the putt. If you get up and down 50% or more, then you are doing very well. If not, this might be a weakness, which could mean your chipping and pitching is not all that good or maybe you struggle to make the putts even if your chips are close.

Hitting fairways is very important and you need to hit at least 50% of the fairways if you want to play good golf. This will vary for everybody and you need to figure out whether you hit enough fairways or not. If you don't, then you might need to take golf lessons on the tee shot. This can help you control your driver more and hitting fairways will help you with the rest of your game.

Hitting a green in regulation means, you have a putt for birdie. You need to hit as many greens in regulation as possible because the more birdie putts you have the better you will play on the course. If you don't hit enough greens in regulation, you may need a lesson with your irons. Maybe you don't have very good distance control or you cannot control the flight of your ball.

By keeping stats and putting them into a spreadsheet over five or ten rounds, you will start to see your true weaknesses. Start by taking lessons on the part of your golf game that is worst. The better your weaknesses are, the better you will play golf, which can make it much more fun to be on the course.

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